1. Are we a natural or glitz pageant?

We are for the most part a natural pageant system...meaning we do not have specific rules for makeup or certain dress requirements by age division, however we do like for our contestants to look age appropriate.

Also, please not in most all our pageant venues we will use full stage lighting.  Thus, we believe light makeup is fine on younger contestants.


2. What should we wear?

Formal Wear:  We do not have rules by age division for long or short dresses.  My suggestion is to wear what you like!  However, at EVERY pageant our judges are instructed that contestants should have on formal attire.  This can be a pageant dress, bridesmaid dress, flower girl dress, etc., as long as it is formalwear.  We also do not have rules for or against glitzy verses more plain dresses.  Just wear what you like.

Fun Wear:  This is anything you think is fun!  It can be a fun outfit you wear to school, a costume you've worn, or even a nice cocktail dress.  Just have fun!

Summer Wear:  We use this in lue of Swim Wear.  We do understand that some contestants are not comfortable competing in a pageant with swim wear.  We are one of the only pageants that offers Summer Wear, which can consist of anything summery.  Swim wear, shorts, sun dresses, really just anything you'd see in the summer time.

Holiday Wear:  This is any attire with a holiday theme.  Typically we do this at our annual Christmas pageant.  You can do something you'd wear to school, something formal, or a Fun Holiday outfit!


3. What is the cost to participate in a pageant?

The registration cost may vary from pageant to pageant.  Typically our pageants run from $55 to $95 per contestant.  Many factors are taken into consideration when deciding the registration fee for a pageant.  (Venue Costs, Award Costs, Insurance Costs, Scholarships/and Cash prizes, etc.)


4. What is photogenic? What kind of photo do we need?

Each contestant should bring a photo to the pageant.  It can be from wallet size up to an 8x10 size.  My recommendation would be atleast a 5x7 or larger.  Black and white or color photos are fine.  Typically head shots do better in the photogenic competition.  Contestants may enter more than one photo if they choose.  Information for that is on each pageant paperwork.

The Photogenic award is a side award given in each age division.  Judges are looking for several things when judging the photographs.  They are looking for a good quality photo, a photo that shows the contestants facial features well, and a contestant that photographs well.


5. Is there an admission fee to watch the pageant?

Yes, there is an admission fee to all except the contestant in the pageant.  This fee will typically range from $2 to $5 per person (children admitted free of charge) depending on the venue.


6. What is the judging criteria?

In most all of our pageant the Formal Wear judging criteria is broken down into three categories with 1 - 10 points available in each category.  Contestants may receive a total of 30 points.

1.  Beauty  (this is facial beauty, along with first impression & wow factor).

2.  Poise/Personality  (this is how they walk & carry themselves, if they are smiling, do they appear to be enjoying themselves, eye contact with judges, & confidence.

3.  Overall Appearance  (this is the overall look meaning...have they chosen a good dress style, color, fit; is their hair nice & neat,  is she the full package?)


7. Do you give contestant scores & judges comments?

Yes we do.  We do ask our judges for comments if time will permit, as we believe this will help contestants strive to improve in needed areas.  Per a contestants request we will give out judges scores and comments by via email, mail, or by phone. 


8. How are contestants put in line up?

Contestants are put into line up by the date we receive the registration form and payment is received.  First entry received will be last in line and last received will be first in line.


9. What are your age divisions?

Most of our pageants age divisions will be as follows:

Baby Miss  0 - 12 months

Toddler Miss  13 - 24 months

Tiny Miss  2 & 3 years

Little Miss  4 & 5 years

Petite Miss  6 & 7 years

Young Miss   8 & 9 years

Junior Miss   10 - 12 years

Teen Miss  13 - 15 years

Miss  16 - 21 years

Ms.   22 & up

BFF   Any Age  (Best Friends Forever)  Set of Two

***We may split any group that reaches 10 or more contestants.  This is at the discretion of the director.  However we will NEVER combine age divisions.***